Island of the Dreams
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Name: Island of the Dreams
Leaders:Queen Tuffy Yellow Eyes of the Anthromorphs
and Cillian Tulloch of the Therianthropes

Type: Several Commonwealths.
Capital: No one capital city. The island commonwealths each have their own center of commerce.
Largest cities: Erie Village in the North, Audunn Outpost in the West, Mortayr to the East, and Port Dirtdown in the South.
Monetary unit: Gold, Silver, Bartering
Ethnicity/Race: Diverse; Anthromorphs, various therianthropes, humans, wild elves, drow (See Vvrock'uvin).
Language: Common
Religion: Polytheistic
Climate: Furthest north, warm and humid that grows more temperate as one travels south. High elevations lead to crisp and cool weather and even the occasional snowstorm in the winter. Fog can form in any terrain.
Resources: Food including vegetables and meat, Lumber, Minerals, Specialized drugs created by the Furries.
Flora and Fauna: The Island of the Dreams gets plenty of sunlight, allowing for a wide variety of plants and animals.
Known Dangers: Any number of dangerous animals including bears, tigers, spiders, snakes. Typical weather dangers that would include flash flooding in ravines and the occasional snow storm. Bandits wander the roads, pirates sail the seas. The most dangerous would be bands of therianthropes.

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