Midnight Isle
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Name: Midnight Isle
Leaders: King Intayus
Type: Kingdom
Capital: Joia City
Monetary unit: Standard
Ethnicity/Race: Diverse, primarily demon, devil, vampire, human and half-elven
Language: Common, Infernal
Religion: Worship of Noelani, Goddess that is said to inhabit the volcano
Climate: Tropical with 17 hours of darkness (9am-4pm Central are considered daylight hours)
Resources: Rare blood amber, exotic vegetation including trees/woods and flowers unique to the island
Flora and Fauna: Plentiful tropical animals, plants and insects.
Known Dangers: The war between the devils and the vampires exists on a political and economic level. It is a war of property and ownership. The devils thrive on the destruction of morals and the vampires are driven by the promise of power. Living in a city full of predators has certain dangers, but the tropical paradise exists to keep the locals comfortable and happy. This is a well understood law, and none would want to upset what they have. Random attacks against the innocent simply don't occur. Less predictable demons that seek revenge through violence are captured quickly by the City's Dark Watch. The judicial system is a slow, bloated bureaucracy that usually drops a sentence of death or banishment.

Racial Relations

Devil - The "Upper Class" of the island, these are the major shop owners and government of the island. While their numbers are smaller than the other classes combined, they hold all the real power and they plan on keeping it that way.

Vampire - The "Upper-Middle Class", the vampires think they hold more power than they actually do. Some are tolerated as useful to the devils, and are allowed to own less prominent businesses like the city's baths and night clubs. But any power they have can be easily stripped by the devils that keep a tightly clinched fist on contracts and permits.

Demon - Demons are tolerated by the devils and vampires for their strength and bloodlust. As long as a demon remains well behaved, they are given the same rights as a vampire. Most choose to run shops that cater to the more violent nature of humankind, including weapon shops and fight clubs.

Human - (As well as half-human, half-elf, half-demon, half-devil) - The human population is treated as "guests" on the island. Most feel free and are given the chance to work for coin, and can even own property and have a family. Humans make up the "Middle Class" and are given plenty of opportunity to better themselves. It isn't uncommon to find small businesses managed or owned by these races. Humans can make a living as hired muscle, their loyalty makes them good guards. Others take an easier path and let the devils and vampires of the island spoil them. Very few rebel and want their own form of freedom. Those that do gather together in small bands of gypsies or street dwellers and make up the "Lower Class" in the city. Ironically, they end up serving a different sort of master.

Elf - (As well as Faeries) - Free elves within the city often find themselves restless. Some live as the humans do, as pampered slaves, disillusioned workers, or small business owners. Most eventually seek the Emerald Sanctuary and the freedom of the jungle.

Drow - Drow can carve themselves the same existence as humans and elves, though people never forget that drow are capable of deception, thievery, and murder and so are never found in 'honest' work. Drow arrogance doesn't settle well with being cast as lesser creatures, so most visit Midnight Isle then return to Vvrock'uvin as quickly as possible.

Dwarf, Gnome, Nature Spirits, Other Races - Generally aren't tolerated other than as visitors.

Therianthrope and Anthromorph - These two races are considered so savage, so revolting, that if they are discovered on the island, they are to be captured and either publically killed or banished to the Island of Dreams. Those found harboring therians or furries are stripped of their power and are jailed for crimes against the King. (If, as a player, you want to play on Midnight Isle, magical means must be taken to hide your character's true nature.)

Legal Matters on Midnight Isle

Devils are in control of Midnight's Judicial System, and as such most of the crimes have to do with property and breaking contracts.


On Midnight Isle, there are two types of slaves. All slaves are marked, registered and cataloged by the controlling devils. This is done to protect both the slaves and their owners. The mark placed upon a slave is placed on the back of a hand, where anyone can view it. Hiding it or trying to remove the mark is illegal and can result in punishment.

The first type of slave is someone that has entered into slavery either because of need or out of heritage. They are usually indentured because of an agreement or desire. These people are Willing Slaves, even if they are being punished because they are repaying a debt. Willing slaves have more rights than lesser slaves.

Second type of slave is called a Lesser Slave. These individuals are usually criminals or prisoners. Slavery is the preferred method of punishment for the devils of the island. These unfortunate souls have only the rights afforded them as property. Lesser slaves work until they have repaid their debt to society.

Illegal Slavery

Drow might condone the capture of prisoners for use as slaves, but these creatures will be freed if discovered on Midnight Isle. The most obvious way to check if a slave is legal is to see if the slave is marked. If marked, then the mark can cross-referenced to see if they are registered with the city. Unregistered slaves will be freed immediately into the city of Midnight. Of course, this usually results in the free person failing to thrive, and then freely entering into slavery under the power of a devil.


Life on Midnight Isle is presented to be wonderful. The living population is protected, for they are the food and nourishment for powerful. Devils and demon feed from emotions of the populous and vampires need blood. Dead humans are worthless. Murder is a crime punishable by time in the city prisons, the loss of property, and even death.

Theft/Destruction of property

Property theft, either by injury or death of a slave or other property is illegal and will be prosecuted with punishment that includes fines and incarceration.

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